Stornaway will look after you. Exceptional directional stability is achieved by virtue of her long ballasted keel, especially when combined with the controllable, flexible, yawl rig. The boomless main is equipped with brailing lines to allow almost instant de-powering. All sail and power controls are within reach from the helming position, but, even single handed, if you need to leave the tiller, she'll just keep on tracking.

She'll easily cope with 30 knots of wind (force 7) and 2 metre seas, and with 96Kg of ballast, she has excellent self-righting ability if it all goes wrong. The anchor is in its own self-draining well, ready for instant use. Even if completely swamped, her built in buoyancy, in many separate compartments, will support 7 adults (dayboat). Low hull windage and easy access come from low topsides - you don't need lots of freeboard to be, or feel, safe.

Controllability gives you the confidence necessary to make voyages longer than you thought possible, and 190ft2 of sail driving 400 Kg will get you there earlier than you thought.

You have to remind yourself that this boat is only 18'. The weekender, with no centreboard case, has room for a good double bunk, cooler, porta-potti, stove and sink, and still has loads of stowage compartments. The dayboat will seat 8 in the big, clear, partly self-draining, cockpit.

Even fully equipped and provisioned at half a tonne, Stornaway is easy to trail (all spars stow in the length of the boat), and is rigged and ready for launching within half an hour of arrival. An electric auxiliary (not included) is always ready at the flick of a switch, and the batteries add to the useful ballast.

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