Shimmy is a safe, stable, seaworthy little boat, capable of sailing safely in over 25 knots of wind (up to force 6), capable of being handled by beginners or people with more experience than agility. The flared bow keeps the green water out, and the seat-top scuppers drain nearly all of the spray.

The simple rig (unstayed, loose footed standing lug) means you can launch within 10 minutes. Single handed sailing is easy, especially with no centreboard to worry about, and oars and motor batteries are all stowed neatly and securely, ready for immediate use. If you haven't used electric power before, think about all that silence. If you want a petrol outboard, that's OK, too.

The long straight fixed keel needs no tending, has no moving parts, gives excellent directional stability, and gives full windward performance right into the shallows.

The clear floor area makes this the only 12 footer we know that 2 people can camp in, in comfort and…companionship.

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