Secret shares the long, fixed, ballasted, keel, and self-righting characteristics of her sisters, but the subtle cut-away forefoot, low freeboard, big rig, full bow sections and flat run aft means she's half way between Essex Smack and Sydney Harbour 18 footer. There's nothing else quite like her on the water. Cuddy cabin and cruiser versions are available.

Just look at that bowsed-down bowsprit, plumb stem, counter stern and try to stop yourself falling in love.

She'll go, and you know it. To help her, you're allowed one trapeze - though it's not essential. There's also a big Gennaker, which you'll be itching to get out. We're going to see a Secret planing downwind at 15 knots plus - it's just a question of who's first.

A perfect club one-design. Cruise when you're not racing, and just swallow the admiration of the spectators.

They'll see her fly and want a closer look, and then the luxurious hardwood trim and the sheer quality of the fittings will set her apart - until they form a fleet.

The cruiser version has all the space you need, thanks to the lack of a centreboard case, and all the stowage that you want, thanks to all the separate stowage / buoyancy compartments. You've got a good double bunk, stove, porta-potti and sink. The batteries for instant auxilliary power form useful ballast. Why not leave the rig at home and take the easily driven hull for a silent electric cruise up your local river?

Own the fastest gaffer in your creek - and you can build her yourself

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12' dinghy

16' dayboat

18' cruiser

20' racer

24' cruiser