Frequently Asked Questions

Whatís included?

A price list is available on request. Hull kits include all the plywood and timber components necessary to build the boats. Most plywood parts are pre-cut, beams ready laminated and trim routed, though all parts will require rounding off and finishing. Kits also include epoxy, fillers and glass cloth, and some mixing cups, latex gloves, coving sticks, etc. Most builders will need to buy more consumables, especially gloves, mixing pots and epoxy (budget about £200 to £300 for one of the bigger boats). Also not included as standard are items such as inspection hatches, cushions and covers or paint and varnish (budget about £500 for paint and varnish for one of the bigger boats).

Rig kits contain all spars, sails, standing rigging, chandlery and cordage necessary to rig and sail the boats. All chandlery is Ronstan, all cordage apart from sheets is pre-stretched matt polyester, or similar high quality line. Some owners buy a little extra chandlery to fulfil their own ideas, but this isnít necessary. Whisper boats can supply upgrades to allow the bowsprit to retract, and pinrails.

How would I pay?

Scruffie invoice the customer in Australian Dollars for the price of the kit and shipping, a 50% deposit is required to confirm an order, with the balance payable before shipping. The VAT and duty are payable in Sterling as the kit arrives in the UK. Whisper can personally deliver the kit to most of the UK mainland and charge for clearance and delivery, on delivery.

Hull and rig kits can be purchased separately; often the rig kit is not required until some time after the hull kit. In this case, it is possible to pay a deposit on the rig kit to allow shipment of the spars with the hull, and when the balance of the rig kit is paid the sails, chandlery and cordage are posted over. Please note that the price of the rig kit may have altered in the meantime, and we canít offer prolonged price validity.

Whatís the delivery time?

Typically a kit will take about 12 weeks from payment of the deposit with the order to arrival in the UK, though Scruffie will need to confirm this for each kit. Some choices of trim wood may take longer than others.

Is there any help available?

There is an active email discussion group among builders, and this website now includes a section for builders to share their build photos, comments and tips. Most builders like to meet each other to see othersí progress and help with tasks such as turning boats.

What space would I need?

You need a space at least as long as the boat, though it can be a fairly tight fit in that dimension, by a minimum of 3m / 10í wide, plus space to store full sheets of ply flat. Heat isnít absolutely necessary in the build space Ė a few builders are using cheap B&Q / Homebase / Makro marquees with some success Ė a sheltered pitch is recommended following experience in winter weather.

Whatís the next step?

We recommend that anyone considering placing an order visit us here to see a boat in build and to discuss practicalities.

But what about finished boats?

If you want us to build the boat for you, your contract would be with us, rather than Scruffie Marine. We would discuss your requirements – custom options; trim wood; stage of completion – and quote a firm and fully inclusive Sterling price. We would require some stage payments, with the final balance payable on delivery or collection.

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